Innovation area

A place for discussion, which encourages networking and collaborations.
The innovation area will give the finalists startups of the Awards of sustainable, accessible, quality food the opportunity to showcase their solutions, products and services, to increase their visibility.

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Specialized conferences and round tables on the evolution of the agri-food sector, involving leading startups, companies and foodtech experts.

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Networking and business meetings

An area to collaborate and network within the event, with the possibility of holding business meetings, pre-programmed or spontaneous, between startups, companies, investors, academics, etc. A VIP area allows for more confidential exchanges.

In order to offer you the best networking experience possible at Food Use Tech, we provide you a tool which will allow you to know the list of participants and to target the people you want to meet before, during and after the event. You will benefit from qualified and planned business meetings in advance, thanks to a matchmaking tool, all in dedicated spaces and suitable to exchanges. In this way, you will be able to target the people you want to meet according to your needs, while having a fully personalized diary.


A networking side event is organized during Food Use Tech, encouraging dialogue in a both friendly and exceptional setting.


This year, La FoodTech organizes a networking lunch dedicated to effeciency for a useful networking.