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FoodTech is the alliance of the agri-food sector with new technologies.

It brings together all digital or technological initiatives - data and data processing, sensors, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotization, virtual reality, connected devices, mobile phones, etc. - that offer innovative solutions for optimizing the agri-food value chain.

It includes the whole value chain, from production (precision agriculture, urban agriculture, biocontrol, animal and plant genetics, new proteins ...), to consumers (personalized nutrition, catering, smart kitchen...), via processing (packaging, food safety, etc.), and distribution (delivery, marketplace, retail...).

FoodTech sector performance
invested worldwide in 2015
invested in Europe in 2015
average annual growth
forecast 2015-2022
the turnover that should be generated by FoodTech sector worldwide in 2022
FoodTech issues
Optimizing agricultural production and farm management
Responding to a search for authenticity: eating pleasure, diversity of tastes and cultures
Developing personalized cooking, even “therapeutic” cooking, and adjusting food to one’s nutritional needs
Reinventing distribution methods, drive last mile delivery, product ergonomics (packaging, eco-design)
Reducing the environmental footprint
Opening the functional foods market, meeting the specific needs of different types of consumers and emerging food issues (allergies, pathologies etc.)
Developing fermented foods and proteins of the future
Responding to the search for food transparency: traceability and safety, consumer-manufacturer information channels
Who is behind FoodTech?
FoodTech's network and ecosystems

La FoodTech is the community of those who make innovation useful for the food sector. Its mission is to promote and support the emergence and development of innovative initiatives (ie digital, technological or entrepreneurial), from farm to fork, by gathering startups and other players in the sector, from the diversity of our regions.

FoodTech Dijon Bourgogne Franche-Comté founding members and board